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Siviri resort is situated in Kassandra, the first peninsula of Halkidiki prefecture. It is considered to be the most developed tourist area of Chalkidiki. It has well organized tourist facilities, luxury hotels and high quality services.

In the Kassandra peninsula tourists will find beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue waters and pine forests surrounded by picturesque villages. Patralona village is the cave of the same name - a major attraction in Kassandra. It is situated at the foot of Katsiki mountains, an interesting place from the palaeontological point of view. In this cave there were identified 34 new species of fauna and discovered the oldest human skull - 200,000 BC. These findings are now in the museum of the University of Thessaloniki.

Nea Potidea village is built on the trail of an ancient Corinthian same name. The location is famous for its Potidea channel that separates the part of the Kassandra peninsula from Halkidiki mainland. There are wonderful beaches and fishing villages like Nea Fokea. There is also a Byzantine tower bathed by the sea shore and from which tourists can glimpse Sithonia peninsula. Afyto traditional village, famous seaside resort of Kalithea, in which Ammon Zeus temple ruins, Kriopigi willing shaped amphitheater, Polychrono beaches awarded "blue flag", Hanioti (Chaniotis) full of vegetation, traditional Pefkochori.

Paliouri coast of Kassandra peninsula presents a fascinating panorama, perfect for camping. Continuous rib area villages Agia Paraskevi, Agios Nikolaos and Kalandra. Fishing villages Nea Skioni, Possidi and Siviri offers beaches and food laced with seafood, served with a good wine in a welcoming atmosphere.

If you want a lively holiday in which to have fun, Kassandra peninsula is the best choice. It has a rich nightlife with many bars and clubs.

Siviri resort is situated in Kassandra, the first peninsula of Halkidiki prefecture. It is considered to be the most developed tourist area of Chalkidiki.

Siviri is situated more exactly between Kassandreia and Fourka. It is a seaside settlement, which lately has been well developed. The great taverns, the quiet and green environment characterize the area. Siviri is probable the smallest and quietest village in Halkidiki that combines the sea and the mountain! It has a huge sand beach and many taverns, restaurants, bars and other stores. For many years Siviri isknown all overGreece for itsAmphitheatre and the "KassandraFestival" which goes on every year with many cultural events such as concerts and theatrical plays.

From Siviri you can explore all villages and towns of the first "finger" of the peninsula and on your way discover magical car routes, idyllic beaches and unique landscapes. By car one can also visit Sithonia, which is situated 35 km away, and discover unexplored, lonely beaches and picturesque villages.

Siviri is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Halkidiki and one of the most visited ones during the summer months. Blue beaches, white and golden sand, quiet as well as popular sites, clean air and strong sun motivate people to choose the peninsula of Kassandra for their relaxation and entertainment.

Near-by Sites/Beaches: Fourka Beach: 8 km away from Siviri. It is a popular beach, renowned for the many stores and beach bars as well as for water sport activities.

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